Sunday, May 18, 2008

He is still a God of Miracles!

As you know, while Brittany was in the hospital this past March for an apparent flare up of her arthritis, the doctors diagnosed her with Crohn's. She had the radiologist, her GI and the hospital doctor to consult and that's when they decided to put her on Remicade. The GI then decided to do more extensive testing because he was talking about doing surgery. We have had a lot of people praying and we also had a friend stand in a healing service in Brittany's place. Well, I'm hear to tell you that the Lord is still a Lord of MIRACLES!!! The doctor called us Friday to tell us that after more testing they could find no evidence of Crohn's at all!!!!! They are stopping all further treatment! Praise the Lord. Just had to share with everyone! Thanks to all who have prayed for her and please help us praise Him now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bucket of FISH!

Jason went fishing last Friday night and this is what he came home with the next morning! The largest catfish weighed 11 pounds. Can't wait for the fish fry! Yummmm!

Arthritis Walk

The walk went really well. Now that we have stopped Brittany's remicade treatments she is doing much better. She stayed ahead of the whole team during the entire walk! Praise the Lord! It's so good to see her better! Thanks to all who donated in honor of Brittany. The arthritis foundation is a good cause. They also provide camp for the kids at the end of the summer.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lizard Huntin'

Zachary has become obsessed with hunting lizards. He is out there from morning til it's too dark to see, trying to catch lizards. I thought I would post a few pics to show you his "catch". First let me explain the pictures. Lizards sun themselves on the back side of our house, the basement part that is not underground. This is the picture of the wall I am posting. These lizards are right below my bedroom window. He was so upset that he couldn't reach them that he asked me to knock them off the wall so he could catch them! So I got my broom and tried to sweep them off into his eager little hands. In the one picture you see him crying, it's because he didn't catch one of the lizards that I swept into the air. We have some of the fattest liards! Look at size of the one he caught! If you couldn't see it's tail you might think it was a frog!