Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone want to guess what happened to my baby?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'll leave you all with one more picture of my BrittBritt posing. I am so excited that they are back in a Christian school!

Zachary is dying to go to school. He was so jealous when the kids got out of the car. As you can see he carried his froggy backpack. He fell asleep on it, and I couldn't resist taking this picture. As I pull around the building I always say" you guys ready?" and when I stop the car in front of their classroom I say " okay hop!" and Zac cried " Zac hop too?" I hope he is this excited about school when it's his time to start!!

So here are my two not- so- little munchkins on their first day of school. They still look a little sleepy! But they have adjusted to their old routines quite well. Brittany is in second grade and Trevor is in first. Bible Methodist is actually combining these two grades right now. So Trevor is excited about being in the same grade with his big sister. We will soon see if that excitement fades ...I can hear it now "Trevor got in trouble today!" in a little sing song tattle tale voice!!!! It may actually be the other way around! Brittany can be a little stinker sometimes!!!!

Brittany loves posing for the camera and Trevor absolutely hates it. So that is why I have more pictures of her.

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is the other cutie pie, Chryslyn. She is nine months old, her sister is about to turn 2 and her little brother is about to turn 4. Some think that I'm out of my mind to keep 3 when I already have three, but I have moments of insanity where I actually volunteer to do these things! I think the mormons have it made where they have all of those wives...just think there is someone to do all the laundry, someone else to do the cooking and etc. !!! Some days I would love to have an extra hand. That's why I love it when Teresa or Kim calls me...then it's like having them here at the house with me. I miss you guys!!!!
This is Alanah..... Jason's cousin's little girl. I kept her, and her brother and sister the other...making for a grand total of 6 kids! It turned out to be just another day. It gave my kids someone each to play with. It's wierd to think that adding three actually made it easier!.....But NO I will not be having three more kids just so that they can have playmates!!! She is a cutie!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

And here is my little Princess reeling hers in. She is so funny. she loves to get all gussied up with pretty dresses and bows, but she loves frogs, fish and lizards more than any boy I know!!!
This was one brief moment of his happiness that day. I guess we went too close to nap time!

He looks real thrilled, huh? He kept this grossed out expression on his face the whole time. He says he loves fishing, but he says the fish feel slimy!

Daddy's brim wasn't any bigger than mine. We all caught one but Trevor this day. But I will post a pic of one of his he caught on his fishing trip to south Georgia.
This whopper was caught at a lake near our home. It is known around these parts as Cemetary Lake, because it's next to the cemetary. My kids call it "cow poop lake" because of the pasture you have to walk through! We had fun though! Zachary wasn't happy because it was super hot outside.