Thursday, February 12, 2009


Teresa had her baby and I flew to Idaho. Now that I am back home, my sister-in-law had her baby! I have had something on my calendar EVERY DAY to do!!!! We have two more cousins that are due in the next few weeks. Babies everywhere! :) Got Valentine Parties tomorrow. Hoping I can plow thru some laundry before heading to the store to get everything I need for 4 classes! :) I will get some pictures posted soon. I just got my camera back. Well...gotta run!


Kim M. said...

Your new background looks great! Babies are just great (make you want another one?). Thanks for the update. :-)

Teresa said...

WOuld love to see pictures!
Miss you tons!

Teresa said...

You have been back home for a while now. Where are some new pictures of your children. LOL Love you and miss you tons!!!